KnowHow2GO Handbook


IDENTIFY YOUR INTERESTS AND SKILLS. Another part of finding the right fit for college is thinking about your career interests. Put a check next to the things you LIKE TO DO and/or are GOOD AT. (You can check both.) They are color-coded by career field, which you’ll learn more about on page 4.


1. Speaking in front of others

2. Being active outdoors

3. Building things

4. Arguing your point

5. Learning new technology

6. Helping others

7. Being in charge

8. Caring for animals

9. Repairing bikes or cars

10. Caring for children

11. Playing video games

12. Volunteering in a hospital or nursing home

13. Cooking or baking

14. Taking care of plants

15. Taking things apart to see how they work

16. Being creative with hairstyles

17. Participating in the arts (music, art, dance, drama)

18. Playing sports

What else do you LIKE TO DO or are GOOD AT?

19. 20. 21.


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