KnowHow2GO Handbook

PUSH YOURSELF To prepare for college, push yourself by taking tough classes and getting involved in extracurricular activities.



Taking tough courses will help you:

• Earn scholarships • Get higher scores on college admission exams (like the ACT or SAT)

• Qualify for college admission • Prepare for college coursework

When you’re in high school, take Dual-Credit and/or Advanced Placement courses, if available. These types of classes will allow you to earn college credit!


STAY ON COURSE TO COLLEGE. Most colleges require that you take certain coursework during high school to qualify for admission. . How many years of these courses should you take to gain admission to any college in Nebraska?

_____Years of English and Math _____Years of Social Sciences and Natural Sciences _____Years of World Language

Interested in playing college sports? Learn National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) course requirements at


LEARN HOW TO STUDY. Doing well in your classes will also help ensure admission into college because colleges will look at your GPA (Grade Point Average).

To get the best GPA possible, learn how to study and stay organized. Here are tips to follow. Check those you’re already doing.

Turn off distractions while studying. Organize paper or electronic folders for each subject. What else do you do? ___________________________

Go to school and class on time. Use a planner or app to track assignments.

Ask the teacher questions if there’s something you don’t understand.


If some boxes are unchecked, try adding them to your routine.


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