Exploring College Handbook


TAKE COURSES THAT WILL ENSURE ADMISSION TO COLLEGE Take these classes if you plan to attend a 4-year college . 4 YEARS OF ENGLISH , with focus on reading and writing. 4 YEARS OF MATH , including algebra I, algebra II, geometry, and an additional algebra-related course. 3 YEARS OF SOCIAL SCIENCES , including American and/or world history; one additional course in history, American government and/or geography; and a third course from any social science discipline. 3 YEARS OF NATURAL SCIENCES , including biology, chemistry, physics, or earth sciences. One course must include a lab. 2-4 YEARS OF WORLD LANGUAGE , which must be the same language. Community colleges typically require a high school diploma and a placement test.

Interested in playing college sports? Find course requirements at ncaa.org , naia.org , and njcaa.org.


IMPROVE YOUR STUDY SKILLS Colleges will review your high school grade point average (GPA) when you apply for admission, so get the best grades possible. • Use a planner or homework app to record assignments. • Take notes and review them often. • Ask questions if you don’t understand the subject. • Find a place to study where there are no distractions. • Ask your teacher how to improve your grades.



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