Exploring College Handbook

POSITION YOURSELF TO EARN SCHOLARSHIPS While there aren’t many scholarships you can apply for now, there are things you can do to earn scholarships later. •  Do well in school. Academic scholarships are based on a variety of criteria, including your high school GPA, ACT score, and class rank. •  Get involved in extracurricular activities. Many scholarships are based on involvement in school clubs, music, drama, art, sports, or volunteerism. – To increase your scholarship chances even more, take on leadership roles! CREATE AN ACTIVITIES RESUME Track your activities, honors, and part-time jobs using Activities Resume at eqf.org/ActResume . Update your resume throughout high school so it’s readily available when it’s time to apply for college admission and scholarships.




SAVE You can stash away a lot of money over the next three to four years to help pay for college. •  Save a portion of the money you receive for birthdays and holidays. • Get a part-time job and save part of your earnings. •  Ask your parents about setting up a college savings plan . Learn about the Nebraska Educational Saving Trust 529 Plan at NEST529.com .



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